What We Do

At BLUE WOLVERINE, our goal is to create success for our clients, and most importantly, with our clients – we are their partners.

Relationships Matter

The WOLVERINE Team are lifestyle specialists, with years of fully integrated and extremely successful campaigns to our collective credit. We are maestros in our field, whose expertise and long-standing industry relationships give us strong leverage in the market place.


Development strategies: Artist and creative development (including touring and event planning), and third party marketing campaigns. We develop strategies and create tactical plans for implementation.
  • Physical Release
    New release set-up and sell-in with physical retail outlets. Event marketing strategies and follow through, with the focus on positioning and placement, solicitation of in-store performances and event appearances.
  • Digital Release
    We leverage our relationships with on-line music distributors to ensure product is virtually ‘racked’ on a timely basis. On-line strategies are developed and built to maximize exposure and expand your community.
Set-up, Administration, and Collections
We will search for placement opportunities outside of the traditional realms of radio. Additional exposure and income can be secured via licensing to television, movies, commercials, games, etc.
The Blue Wolverine executive team provides over a hundred years of combined senior, front-line experience in the entertainment, media, artist relations, and technology sectors.
We provide custom reporting for artist managers and labels, done in Canada. Maximization of unique Canadian funding opportunities and appropriate compliance reporting.
Our National Team: Headed by 5 professionals, all with excellent media relationships, specializes in product promotion, events and label promotion of music and video. This includes bilingual service for radio (broadcast/digital), online, television & print.
In today’s environment technology is key to everything.
At Blue Wolverine, we address technology in a holistic manner. When we make business decisions we consider and embrace technology every step of the way.
Full publicity services with a focus on print, radio, digital and television. This includes writing/servicing of press releases, soliciting for editorial features, interviews, reviews, developing promotions and contests.
Development of revenue generating brand relationships. Solicitation of third party support for event promotions and overall advancement opportunities. Creation of revenue streams from new partnerships.
Development of campaign and branding strategies.

  • Graphic design and photography
  • Design & maintenance of web sites and social media sites
  • Video content creation: Virtual & broadcast music videos, product commercials, epk’s, branding, interview/lifestyle clips, product presentations
  • Advertising: Television (broadcast), online, mobile, print, outdoor, radio
  • App development
Strategization and execution marketing campaigns on a ‘street’ level, including event promotion, tour marketing, and third party sampling.
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