Technology Philosophy

When we make business decisions we consider technology every step of the way. Historical analysis, predictive analysis, report generation, mobile strategies, license monitoring – we aggregate and assess all of the data associated with the Intellectual Property ( ”IP”) we represent. Many organizations proudly announce they use Social Media and Big Data without an understanding of what this actually means.

The industry of representing and promoting intellectual property is “ripe for disruption”* and we are determined to change the status quo and fix the broken models. As such, we apply the collective knowledge of a highly specialized team built on extensive traditional marketing experience in this very fast moving world, and supply solutions that can show monetization opportunities and create awareness for our partners.

Blue Wolverine is always on the lookout for the next big-thing when it comes to technology, and we will be aggressively acquiring rights to technology both to improve our internal systems, and to represent the technology in market. We see the modern technologist as the “new rock star”, and will apply our experience and extensive contacts to represent these assets.

Each artist, client, author, creative, project or technologist offers unique challenges when promoted in the marketplace. Our commitment to finding the right mixture of technology for each client – dependent on a process applied to create a deep assessment of the IP involved. This is paramount to our philosophy and Blue Wolverine’s thinking.

Through the assets of LGG Media Inc. and the experience of its president James Rodmell, MSc. (Blue Wolverine Technology Strategist), we have access to cutting-edge products and thinking that is foundational to providing technology.

(* “ripe for disruption” – Chris Boyce, Executive Director Radio & Audio, CBC)

Our technology portfolio includes market-proven items such as:

  • Proven on-line and location-based mobile ticketing systems that offer unique redemption logic.
    • (This technology is available for license and will allow artists to cheaply and effectively manage their gate or handle their higher important VIP attendance)
  • Proprietary survey and reporting tools, which includes our own Yellow Pages API integration with Bing – “What’s Nearby”.
    • (Available for license and used to gather local data intelligence)
  • Interactive on-line radio players that allows for a number of interactive formats – Standard and Social Radio – this platform can be re-skinned and re-branded through a templating system, allowing for personalization and customization. Also includes extensive tagging platform called “Social Radio”.
    • (Available for license and will form part of BW’s promotional strategy)
  • Dynamic data matching systems – extensive experience and code libraries for the ingestion of data feeds and matching this data against queries from a live environment. The most common use of the system has been to match music information to commerce (download, concert ticket, merchandise) and supporting information (artist biography, discography) but it has also been used to provide restaurant information and movie show times, among other uses.
    • (Used to gather, organize, present and manage our clients multiple data sources such as downloads, mobile content, news and social)
  • Concert guide – aggregating concert information from multiple data sources to create a comprehensive listing of major (i.e. ticketed by a 3rd party vendor) concerts.
    • (Available for license and to be used in predictive modeling)
  • Click tracking statistics system – to track click-throughs on products. Clicks are re-directed through this service for reporting before being sent to the actual destination – (such as iTunes)
    • (Data gathering tool used for analysis and as an auditing tool)

  • Postal code to geo-coordinates system (Canada)
    • (Available for license and forms part of the engine that powers the location piece of the ticketing platform)
  • Mobile device skinning technique – LGG has developed and documented a technique to quickly re-skin a website for multiple interfaces, such as mobile web browsers.
    • (Responsive design component available for use by our clients)
  • Membership systems – extensive experience creating and managing membership systems for existing 3rd party websites.
    • (Used to create community for our clients)
  • Photo contesting platform – two separate photo contest sites. Users are able to upload submissions and view other entries, and a protected administration area is available for moderation of submissions and judging.
    • (Available for license)
  • Trivia contest platform – the system allows users to register and submit answers to 3 multiple-choice questions. Winners are selected randomly and notification/prizing is handled outside of the application
    • (Available for license)
  • You Tube crawler – a system has been created to periodically crawl portions of’s inventory. A web-based administration area was created to allow managers to browse by keyword and category, flag videos as and contact the author via the YouTube messaging system
    • (Used to position client assets, gathering data for promotion)
  • Aggregation services – compiling data and technology and blending information in a format that can be used and monetized.
    • (The guts of the system)
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